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Featured / メディア

Here I've gathered a couple of web pages where I've had the honor of appearing. Including some really old ones too..

Oiran Tayuu (おいらん太夫)

The Tsubame Sakura Festival - Oiran Dochu (つばめ桜祭り分水おいらん道中)
I had the honour of getting elected for a position as Oiran Tayuu (おいらん太夫) for the Tsubame Sakura Festival 2016. In the 74 year long history of the festival it is the first time that a foreigner has been elected for this position. All blogposts under this topic can be found here

"For me it seemed like a perfect combination and the ultimate Japan experience all in one."
Posted by The Japan Times on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Japan Times:

Local newspaper Kenoh:

Fuku Musume (福娘) 
December 2011 I was elected one of four Daihyō Fukumusume for the annual Tōka-Ebisu festival in Osaka. Here are some related pages:

26.12.2013:「ズームイン!!サタデー 年末SP外国人&グルメな絶景まつり」

All related blogposts

The Norwegian Embassy: 

Article in Association of Norwegian Student's Abroad (ANSA)'s magazine Utlendighet 
(Nr. 02/2012):

Osaka Dainichi Shinbun (大阪日日新聞): http://www.nnn.co.jp/dainichi/news/111205/20111205015.html

Asahi Shimbun (朝日新聞)

Enryo no Katamari ya! (遠慮のかたまりや!)
Fukumusume. Picture from Asahi Shimbun

From time to time I get the chance to do some modeling in between my busy schedule. I'm a lazy person when it comes to appearance and usually I don't waste my time on fashion or makeup. It is still fun to dress up when professionals take care of the boring part of the work.

Workshop Japan - Oiran modeling (blogpost here)

Workshop Japan:https://www.facebook.com/Workshop-JAPANWorkshops-on-Japanese-traditions-and-crafts-1636017363278662/timeline

Candy Blue Body Jewelry:

Kyoto Weddings - Bridal Modeling (blogpost here)

Bridal Model for Kyoto Weddings

White Pigeon - Bridal Modeling (blogpost here)

Charman Hair Salon - Hair Modeling (blogposts here)

Lycée - Hair Modeling (blogposts here)

These are from my small contribution as a volunteer in Minami Sanriku, Japan.

United Earth Blogpost (日本語のみ):

Other Articles:

Article by the Norwegian newspaper DN Talent about studying abroad:

"Student of the Week" in studenttorget, a site with information for Norwegian students:

I was interviewed by the Norwegian newspaper Romerikets Blad about my perception of life in South Korea with the many threats from the north:

Some old articles from when I was a competing Freestyle Discojazz-dancer^^:
Bergens Tidene 2007: 

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